ACES Undeclared |

The ACES Undeclared program allows students to explore the various majors within the College of ACES. Students will work with staff in the College of ACES Office of Academic Programs to select the appropriate coursework based on their interests, with the purpose of declaring a major within the College of ACES. The ACES Undeclared program is flexible, and it will allow students to select courses across the various disciplines in the College of ACES. Students are not able to earn a degree in ACES Undeclared, so students will be limited in the number of semesters they are allowed to remain in the program before declaring a major.

Agricultural & Biological Engineering |

The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering integrates engineering, technology, and life sciences to solve problems associated with the enhancement of living systems in global agriculture, food, energy, water, and the environment. Our faculty and students demonstrate excellence in addressing the land-grant mission through cutting-edge research and consistently high national rankings of our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Agricultural & Consumer Economics |

The Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics is comprised of world renowned faculty whose research and outreach programs influence national and international policymaking on issues ranging from how producers, consumers, and agribusinesses manage risk and adapt to climate change to the impacts of new technologies, environmental regulations, federal laws on profitability and human well-being.

Agricultural Communications |

Agricultural Communications at Illinois interweaves the study of agricultural and environmental sciences with that of journalism, advertising, public relations, marketing, multimedia communications, and more. Agricultural Communications develops proficient communicators who promote a broader understanding of the entire food and feed complex, from research and production through processing, marketing, consumption, nutrition, and health. Agricultural communicators also communicate about natural resources and the environment, rural development, and other dimensions of rural wellbeing and agricultural sustainability within society. The program is presented jointly by two colleges: the College of ACES and the College of Media.

Agricultural Education |

The Agricultural Education Program prepares students for careers that help develop other people, organizations, and communities to solve real-world problems. Our graduates work with people in a variety of settings from high school classrooms to corporate-office training to workshop facilitation.

Animal Sciences |

The Department of Animal Sciences’ graduates and discoveries contribute to a safe, nutritious, sustainable, and affordable food supply and enhance the well-being of humans and animals.

Crop Sciences |

The Department of Crop Sciences is advancing agriculture through local and international research to increase food security while protecting the environment. Our internationally recognized faculty lead cutting-edge research programs that educate the next generation of agriculture professionals.

Food Science and Human Nutrition |

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition implements research, education, and outreach programs designed to promote a safe, nutritious, accessible, and affordable food supply that enhances human health. The basic human need for high-quality foods for optimal health and wellness drives the core of student education as stellar faculty and exceptional students work collectively toward learning, discovering, and disseminating new knowledge and in applying novel technologies in dietetics, food science, hospitality management, and human nutrition.

Human Development and Family Studies |

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies is comprised of highly productive faculty committed to addressing challenges regarding human development, relationships, and families through cutting-edge research, awardwinning instruction, and culturally sensitive outreach. HDFS faculty and student scholarship is always conducted with a view to relevant contextual issues and to practical implications be they for community or health professionals, families/parents, schools/teachers/youth program leaders, or policymakers.

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences |

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences brings biological, physical, and social scientists together to identify, teach, and publicize solutions for the sustainability of urban, managed, and natural ecosystems from the local to global scale.




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The day will include a variety of activities designed to give students an inside look at ACES and the chance to ask questions and learn about different areas of the college and university. Some of these activities include:
– Interactive, hands-on Experiences hosted by our academic departments
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– Tours of the ACES Quad
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