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Crop Sciences (including Horticulture)

Department Information
Friday in S-109 Turner Hall

Visit with faculty to discuss courses, jobs, and research opportunities available to students in the Department of Crop Sciences.

Friday in Turner Hall

Learn what life is like after graduation and what careers our alumni pursue.

W-121 Turner Hall

See if horticulture is your area of interest. Learn about the courses and topics covered in the variety of horticulture classes offered on campus.

W-121 Turner Hall

See if you can figure out what is wrong with plants that were grown in challenging but still manage to thrive.

Turner Hall

See how you can utilize water and tubing to grow plants in a small space.

Friday in W-121 Turner Hall

Can you identify insects we see in our daily lives? Learn about common bugs and new bugs you’ve never seen before.

Registered Student Organization
Friday in AE-103 Turner Hall

Field and Furrow is the Illinois agronomy club. Get some popcorn and learn how these club members develop their professional skills and knowledge of agronomy.