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Meet the Explore ACES Steering Committee!

Check back every week for a showcase of an exceptional member within the College of ACES. This week, we introduce our Director, Matthew Raab!

Matthew is a senior studying Agricultural and Consumer Economics. Matthew is originally from St. Joseph, Illinois and is involved with the Collegiate Farm Bureau, ACES Without Borders, and the Explore ACES Steering Committee. When asked for any advice on why students should think about choosing Illinois and specifically the College of ACES, Matthew had this to say 

“Choosing a college to attend after high school is a big decision and one that includes many different factors. My advice for you while you are making your college decision is to look at the quality of education you will be receiving. When I made my decision to attend the University of Illinois and join the College of ACES community I was confident that I would be learning from some of the most qualified and reputable people in their respective field.”

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