When I arrive at Explore ACES, where should I start?

It is recommended that attendees begin at the ACES Library, Alumni, and Information Center, which is located south of the main quad. There, you will receive a program complete with a map and event schedule. The ACES Library also houses departmental booths, housing options, honors program information, and food trucks.

What is an Experience?

Experiences allow prospective students and their families to get the feel of a real college class with real professors. These classes provide an opportunity to get to know ACES professors, current students, and curriculum.

Will there be guided tours of the ACES quad?

Yes! ACES students will be leading tours on Friday every half hour starting at 9:30am, with the last tour starting at 2pm. Tours will meet in the atrium of ACES Library and will last about 20 minutes.

I want to see the main quad also. Will there be University-wide tours?

Explore ACES staff will not be conducting guided tours of the main campus, but feel free to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information on campus tours. Visit admissions.illinois.edu/Visit/campus-visits. If you have additional time after visiting Explore ACES, you can do a self-guided campus tour, found here.

Are there any dorms we can visit?

Of course! The exact times and dorms that will be available to visit will be added in the future.

Will I be assigned a guide to show me around at Explore ACES?

Explore ACES is a self-guided event that allows you to pick and choose which experiences or exhibits you wish to visit. This format allows participants to spend more time in specific areas of interest. Once you have seen everything you wish to see, feel free to explore the rest of the main campus!

Is there anywhere to eat during Explore ACES?

Explore ACES will have food trucks in the circle drive of the ACES Library on Friday. A full menu is posted on the trucks. The Bevier Café, located on the second floor of Bevier Hall, will also be open Friday morning and afternoon.

Can I meet College of ACES professors at Explore ACES?

Professors from every department will be on campus both days. Many of them will be in the Heritage Room of the ACES Library at departmental booths.