Experiences are your opportunity to participate in 30-minute, interactive activities designed to learn more about each of the majors offered through the College of ACES. There will be different Experiences offered throughout the day at 10:00, 11:00, 1;00, and 2:00. You can select the Experiences that fit your interests and discover what may be in store for your future! 

Below are the locations of the activities and Experiences for Explore ACES. A detailed agenda will provided at check-in. Click here for a map of the ACES campus and these locations.

ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center (LIAC)

The ACES Library is the central hub of Explore ACES. Each department will have a table in the Heritage Room along with academic programs and career services. Study abroad, housing, and other non-departmental exhibits will also be housed in ACES Library.

Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building

This building will house exhibits and booths from the Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agricultural Leadership and Science Education, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Human Development and Family Studies departments.

Animal Sciences Laboratory

This building will include posters, displays, and experiences from the Animal Sciences department.

Bevier Hall

Bevier Hall houses several ACES departments, including Agricultural Leadership and Science Education, Agricultural Communications, Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Human Development and Family Studies. It is also where Bevier Cafe is located, which is a student-operated cafe.

Plant Sciences Lab & Greenhouses

These buildings will house experiences, tours, and booths from the Crop Sciences department.

Stock Pavilion

The Stock Pavilion will have live animal exhibits and experiences from the Animal Sciences department. It will also be the location of many of the ACES Registered Student Organizations.

Turner Hall

This building will include experiences and exhibits from the Crop Sciences and Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences departments.




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Welcome to Explore ACES!

The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) invites you to join us at Explore ACES -a fun, interactive day to learn more about the academic and career opportunities available through ACES!

We understand that choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. You can only learn so much through hearing about the institution through word of mouth or testimonials. That’s why Explore ACES was created. Explore ACES is not only a day where you can see the college and what it has to offer, but experience what your future could be.

The day will include a variety of activities designed to give students an inside look at ACES and the chance to ask questions and learn about different areas of the college and university. Some of these activities include:
– Interactive, hands-on Experiences hosted by our academic departments
– Numerous interactive booths hosted by our student organizations
– Tours of the ACES Quad
– A resource fair that will include representatives available to answer questions about Study Abroad, Housing, Greek Life, Student Support, Scholarships, and more!

Imagine your future by attending Explore ACES. Find out what academic and career opportunities await you with the College of ACES! 

Registration for Explore ACES is not required, but it does assist us in preparing for the event and ensuring that we are prepared to answer your questions and address your interests!

We hope to see you there!