March 10–11, 2017

Imagine your future by attending Explore ACES. Find out what academic and career opportunities await you at the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES).

Registering for Explore ACES is not required, but it does assist us in preparing for the event, and ensuring that we are prepared to answer your questions and address your interests.

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Explore ACES Map

View the areas and locations of important Explore ACES buildings.

Abby Marten

The College of ACES provides countless opportunities for students. Explore ACES is a great time of the year and the opportunity for me to interact with new students is always fun.

Cole Stalter

Cole enjoys working with fellow students and faculty in ACES. He is involved in IlliDell Agricultural Cooperative Fraternity, Field and Furrow, and is a Crop Science Student Ambassador. Cole is excited to "show off our awesome departments, clubs, staff and

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